I wish you were here.

Not just in my heart, but physically here.

So that when I go to the shore and I let the currents go through me, it won't be the only way to hear your voice.

To remember that we used to ride the waves of the ocean and of society carving the image of who we thought we were supposed to be.

Flashback to the night you took your last breath and I grasped it in my hand, and when I let go, only my blood remained dripping down on my arm, letting all of my scars open.

Felt the world on my shoulders and realized this was the only way to feel balanced again. I wasn't tipping the scales in my favor, you were just leaning on me a lot more than I knew.

When all along I felt weak and hollow next to you, it was you that felt lost in a crowd.

Nowadays, I carry a bundle of plans that I hope to give out like the daily newspaper. My biggest worry? No one really reads the papers everyday like I do.

Published by Luke Lee