Bent over Lo giggles. S always made her feel so free, and every time they spent time together he opened up her fantasies more and more. This time was no exception. Lo bent over the end of her bed…booty up. “Shake it for me baby girl.” S said slyly. For Lo she lived for this moment being a quiet, shy, lonely girl who loved herself deeply she often danced in her room alone, being sexy was her, so this moment she had been practicing for and never knew it. she twisted her hips back and forth as she got into the groove of the music. A smack on the ass followed making her jiggle harder and faster. Enslaved by her booty bounce S belts out “Don’t stop I’m getting a  little closer to watch you spread.” God he made her feel like the Goddess she always felt like. He plays with her one finger in at a time. Lo so relaxed; squirts all over , he smacks her ass again and says “Good girl.”

More finger play and ass clapping goes on for the hour. He tries to resist sliding into her but with one more squirt he wanted to be deep in her. He slides in causing a soft moan to release from Lo’s lips. She cums for him to many times to count. With one more squeeze on his throbbing cock they both fall to the bed. In total bliss they fall into a deep sleep.

Published by Lo Cal IG Lo_Cal_710