THE DANCE 💃 Slow but sure Let's make this work. Let's place hand on hand and move to the left. Follow my lead Don't be left behind. It takes two to tango. But in this tango, we're one. Step by step, Let's groove away. The music be our guide Step, Back, Left, Right. Clap, Swag, Depth, Height. Let's make this night great. Gowns, Masks. Identities concealed beneath the joys of the night. Body on body Soul in soul Mind fused with attractions of the universe. Heels, Shoes, Let's step on these grounds, Mindful of obstacles which may hinder this dance. Protect our destinies. Love, Kisses, Sheets, Pillows. Let this night begin, As it ends. The dance💃 Revelation Poet

Published by Derrick Tsorme