The Darkest Part (Living Heartwood book one)

Trisha Wolfe

Sam lost her best friend, fiancé, and love of her life, Tyler, at the age of nineteen just five months ago to a hit and run. He’s not completely gone, though. She still sees him almost every day when his ghost manifests itself to her. She has been diagnosed with major depression with psychotic features, but she knows she’s not crazy. Holden is Tyler’s older brother. He’s secretly been in love with Sam for years. Coming back to check up on the case to find his brother’s killer, he decides he can’t leave again without checking on Sam, too.

Sam, after learning that Tyler is beginning to fade into the darkness where he will become a lost soul, decides she needs to finish his unfinished business and go on the road trip he’d been dreaming of for years. She enlists Holden’s help in getting some of his ashes, and he insists on coming with her. He knows she’s fragile right now, and wants to be there for her if he can when she breaks.

Sam finds Tyler’s journal and decides to read it along the way, hoping to find clues as to who could have killed him. Is she prepared for all the harsh realities that are in the journal, though? As old feelings for Holden make their way to the surface, can she handle being around him 24/7 without succumbing to their mutual desire? When they both learn the truth about Tyler, can they accept it and move on?

This is a standalone New Adult Romance with a HEA ending. Mature audiences only.


I love that this book deals with psychosis in this manner. Yes, she is seeing Tyler, but it’s not his ghost. It’s just how her brain decided to help her cope with losing him so suddenly. But seriously. I don’t know if the author has ever experience psychosis herself, but she makes it out like how I would imagine it really is sometimes. The person suffering honestly doesn’t realize they’re not seeing anything. They believe what their mind tells them to.

I also love how Tyler, even though he’s dead, was still a major character. I love how she incorporates his story via flashbacks and the journal.

Of course, I love Sam and Holden. I think they compliment each other amazingly.

I absolutely recommend this book. It’s my second time to read it, and I’ll definitely read it again.

5/5 stars


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Published by Risa Lynn