Level 2: College/Uncertainty of Adulthood

Dating in college is a lot of things really: one can find friends with benefits, sex friends, couples so in love that they talk wedding after date 2, couples that do long distance, singles, drunks, nerds - well you get the picture. College environment is a perfect playground to meet people, as every week you will have a singles mix, speed dating, blind dating, party, more party and more party. Simply put perfect place to mix and mingle.

However, the perfect playground is not a perfect place for someone who wants to find the one true love. Of course, there are exceptions to this and we have recently celebrated a couple of weddings and counting, of the couples that met in college. However, more common scenario is when the men think this way:

- We are young and free, why have any strings attach to someone

- We have to play the field whilst we have a chance

The women on the other hand think more along the lines:

- We want to find true love

-We would like some romance in our lives

Sadly, these still apply even after college, hence the uncertainty of the adulthood. The few lucky ones reach level 3, marriage, sooner than the others and the rules of the game they play change drastically. It is the adventure of the journey together and the excitement of building a family together. Most of us though, graduate college starting back at square one, and going back to the dating game.

This is where the unnatural factors come into play, such as dating apps for example. And although, this type of a meet seems to be unnatural and we are all quite skeptical at ones, there are a few examples to prove us wrong. You must be thinking another exceptions. Well yes and no...Personal experience tells that the algorithm of love can be created and matches can be made. What we forget to account for in this cases though are the external factors that may get in the way. At the same time, you may think that perhaps this was just not meant to be and start back at square one. 

Workplace becomes another place, where people can meet. However, there is one golden rule (and I advise you follow it) You never date someone from work:

1. if you break up you face issues

2. too much paperwork to fill out with HR

3. you see each other 24/7

Or you meet people at social/networking events. Well, if you live in a country like Switzerland, networking events are not the best playground. However, if you are in Italy or Spain, you bet that nights out never end in boredom!!

The more into life we go, the more we have to think about priorities: love or carrer, love or family, love or friendship, etc. Now some of us may chose "love" anytime, whereas others will have more difficult time to answer this for themselves. 

So, who invents the rules to this dating game? How do you know if the choice you made is the right one? The game with blurred rulebook, million of players and numerous winners. A game with no ultimate finish line and full of challenges of life. A beautiful messy game that we are part of. Wouldn't you agree?

Published by Karina Saakyan