All of us enjoy playing games: board games, card games, and many others. However, we are victims of the dating game in one way or another. The challenge of knowing who is the winner and who is left behind is due to the blurred rules and guidelines. What are the rules to this game?

Level 1: High School

In high school, everything seems overly complicated and dramatic. Of course, different cultures come into play. Some cultures play an  extremely important factor as they don't accept dating or mixed schooling until a certain age. To some of us dating comes naturally as if we were born - the true players of the game. In high school the players are quite evident: the popular crowd, the nerds, the teacher's pets, the geeks, etc. In the US this is taken even a step further with jocks, cheerleaders, prom queens/kings, etc. In countries like Russia on the other hand, players are either wealthy or not so much. All of which are important external factors that shape our relationships in some way or another and that also shape our perspectives and outlooks on life.

High school unites all these people in one place and once the hormones act out, we get love struck. It all starts with the first high school dance. Every girl asks at least one of these questions before the first dance:

1. Will he (the most popular guy in the entire school) ask me out?

2. What will I wear???

3. What if I don't have a date to the dance?

Every boy asks at least one of these questions before the first dance:

1. What if she doesn't say "yes"?

2. What if someone has asked her out already?

3. What if she doesn't think I am cool enough?

All these unanswered questions shape the future of our relationships and give a kick start to the game. Some of us get into this so quickly that they find it tough  to stop after a while. Others struggle and try and find their love following the rulebook of their heart. A few lucky ones meet in high school and stay together forever. The high school sweethearts that give hope to the rest of us that there is that one person out there that we can share our life with for the rest of our days.

High school is just the beginning of the journey, followed by college and followed by the so - called "adulthood", where dating becomes even more complex than ever. If you thought level 1 is challenging enough and you will never pass on to level 2, then you are wrong. Everyone passes level 1 but most of us get stuck in level 2 of the game: uncertainty of the future! 

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Published by Karina Saakyan