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Bonjour/ bonsoir à tour et toutes!

Today marks four years since I left France to come to England. Four. years.

Basically, if I had given birth to a child at this time, the child would be in year 1 or at least reception. I would have a fully walking and talking child. Gosh!



Let’s quickly go back in time! 26.09.2012. I was about to turn 21. Just under 2 weeks.

I had just finished my degree in languages. I was not 100% sure as to what I wanted to do. In a Haitian family/ household, this is far from being a positive thing. However, during my third year at uni, I had applied to become a French assistant in an English school.

the reason being that I was considering 2 things: education or humanitarian work. Therefore, I thought I would give it a go and see what going back to school not as a pupil felt like. Plus, my application was successful! yay!

So here I was, ready to go and work in a country I had never visited before, on my own, for eight months! Some people called crazy some simply though I was over independent (I didn’t know that this was a thing!)

La Manche- view from the ferry



Looking back at it today, I can see how and why it was a crazy thing but I survived by the grace of God. I would be a massive liar if I said everything perfect and went smoothly.

I ended working two academic years (twice 8 months to be exact) as a FLA- foreign language assistant. The year after 2014-2015, I did my initial teacher training in secondary school  and gained my QTS.

Another reason I stayed was because I thought love was involved… lol! I am not sad about it because, at the end of the day, I still did something good and productive.

Coming back to 26.09.2016, I am now a full time secondary school teacher. I enjoy what I do although I miss my Fridays that used to be off when I worked as a FLA.

I have met some amazing people that have become great friends and somehow my family in England.

Just under two weeks to reach a new milestone- 25 years of age, I am glad that this memory popped up on FB because it clearly gave a chance to reflect on the last four years.


If I were to do it all over again, I would. Although, if I am honest, I would slightly change the narrative.

Let me know if you would ever consider doing something like this! As I like to say, so little really happen in your comfort zone!


Be empowered highness!✊🏿👑

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