We are people. As people, we have limits; and I think I have reached mine.

People are not always as tough as they seem to be. Sometimes, it’s more of just an illusion. An image invented to create such identity that actually doesn’t exist. Pretending to be strong and brave when actually, the hope they hold on to is too little to grip on.

Sometimes, we see people who seem really fearless. It’s like they can conquer anything and you’ve seen them do so. They’ve been through a lot and they’ve made it. Amazing ain’t it? But remember, that does not make them superheroes. Just because they’ve succeeded through horrible struggles doesn’t mean they can make it through everything else. People have limits. They have ends and once they’ve gotten there, there’s no turning back.

Yes, maybe some has so many things that they can do, but that goes with the fact that there are also things, more things, that they cannot; and just because they had the ability to do something, doesn’t mean they can do it over and over again. There will always come a time where everything will be over, and the light of the littlest hope they have will be blown away with all the strength they’ve always pretended to have.

By that time, they’ll feel like they haven’t tried at all, like they’ve never accomplished anything before. Everything they’ve done right will be hidden by what was done wrong. No, nothing is good at all. There are ways no more. It’s like, by that time, after a very long time of being able to find ways on getting through things, there’s now nothing else left to do but give up. After being able to solve billion problems, here finally comes the one that wouldn’t actually seem like a problem, because they say problems have solution, and this one does not.

By that time, you have to know that it is the limit I was saying. It’s when and where you’ll feel most hopeless and helpless; not wanting to give up on something but cannot see anything to hold on to. That is when you lose your grip, and fall, and shatter

In the place I call “The Dead End”

Authors note: Uhm, I’m giving my advance apology on everyone that I’ll fail. It’s just that, I am not what you thought I am. At first I thought I can do it, I thought I can make it, but now that I’ve gone this far, with all of you expecting that I can go through this, I realized we’re all wrong. People have limits and I’ve reached mine. Sorry for being such an ineffective leader, misbehaved student, insensitive friend, lazy daughter, and just being a trash creature. Yeah, don’t worry. I hate my self too.

Published by Quenee Austria