Today is the day we kill perfectionism.  From henceforth, you are not allowed to be perfect.  It's forbidden.  100% not okay.

But…but…my entire existence is built around doing everything to my best, and since my best is better than everyone else's then my best must be the pinnacle which means doing my best means being perfect.

That's my brain talking up there.  Doesn't it sound ridiculous?  How can anyone possibly be right all the time, or never make a mistake?  If you're a Christian, there are several things wrong with perfectionism.  One, you're effectively calling God a liar since "all have sinned and fall short of the glory."  All means us.  You and me.  We've already fallen short.  Plus, if Jesus died for everyone's sins, does that mean He didn't die for you because you're already perfect, or at least trying to be?  What if everyone thought that way?  Then why did He even become human? 

You see where I'm going with this.

If you're not a Christian, how about this perspective?  Trying to be perfect at everything is exhausting!  It's so. much. work. all. the. time.

There's a home life to consider, which consists of errands, housework, balancing a budget, interacting with other living beings in your domicile, and that's just the very basics.  Gotta plan the errands to be the most efficient.  Gotta have a cleaning kit and follow a schedule.  Gotta stick to that budget and oh my gosh I'm $0.33 over!  Gotta be the best mom, best wife, best husband, best dad, peacekeeper, support, friend, confidante.  Many of us have a job, or multiple jobs.  Gotta be the best there, too.  Stand out in the boss's mind.  Keep the customer happy and coming back.  Paperwork done on time, completely, perfectly.  Answer the phone with a so-sweet but also genuine voice. 

Seriously?  Relax.

Relax.  Take a breath.  Rub your shoulders, massage your neck.  Stretch your arms above your head.  Relax.

Remember that anecdote about the 'good enough igloo'?  A lot of times, good enough really is good enough.  You say, "Fine, unless you're me, and then good enough is just settling!"  Okay, I say it, too.  But we've got to stop.  We have to love ourselves and recognize our beautifully flawed nature.  We're going to have inappropriate reactions in some situations, say the wrong thing, forget to buy cat food, wear our PJs all day because that's what we're capable of in that moment.  That is more than okay!  It is encouraged, even expected.  Would you expect someone you love to beat themselves up the way we do?  Would you tell them "No, I see you're trying but it isn't good enough, you have to be perfect!"  I hope not.  The thought breaks my heart.  I would say to my friend or family member, "You are enough.  You are doing the best you can with what you have to give right now, and it is a beautiful thing to see." 

It's getting tough to continue writing this post.  I'm having a hard time writing these words and not questioning them, writing them and trying to believe the sentiment they contain.  It really is a difficult thing to know when good enough is good enough.  Sometimes I think, how can anyone else be okay with me when I'm not okay with me?  It's a struggle every day to be okay.  But that struggle means we're so wonderfully imperfect, just the way we're supposed to be.



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