so over the weekend, I was watching this show “A Different World”. its a really good show by the way and I really learnt a lot from it. it’s set in a university so it’s around my age range and I could relate to a lot the show had to offer. the best thing about the show in mu opinion is the way it focussed on cultural awareness, pride and appreciation. it was also funny to see that the problems the world had 20years ago are still the same problems we have today. the one thing that really stuck to me was a quote by a character- Whitely Gilbert;

When you silence the artist society suffers, culture dies, and man is reduced to the state of brutishness from which he emerged.

the sheer truth in this statement gave me chills. it made me realize the importance of art in our world. I mean, when you  think about it, art has been the way we preserved our culture for generations. if a society completely erased art from their lives, they would seize to really live. I can’t even imagine the world without self-expression or without creativity. the reason why art still exists today is because it is an extension of truth that we cannot deny. even if there is something that you don’t want to admit to yourself, you can always see an extension of the artist in their work.

just to think that my art is the glue that holds society together is amazing. it also gave me a sense of responsibility to continue to produce true art.

this just made me think really hard and also made me grateful for the fact hat I appreciate art and I continue to grow and develop my art. I mean who would you be today if not creative? would you even be happy? I don’t know.

have a wonderful day guys, and be happy because without the beautiful art you create, the world we know may seize to exist. and  remember not to silence your art or else, you may be responsible for the death of society and culture

Silence the artist, society suffers, culture dies and man is reduced to the state of brutishness from which we emerged.png

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