It is with this quote we dive into the death of the gentleman. Questions to keep in mind; is this death by choice, are woman keeping the cycle alive, and where does that leave our common courtesy.

Opening Thoughts:

I once heard integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is around. As always, there will be ways in which we can cheat in society. Today, there are more distractions and easy roads for us to take than ever before. Temptation, or the route of all evil seems attractive, even more than a man in a suit these days. I personally am ashamed of this. No matter where you go or what you may wear, the ideologies of the gentleman have long been forgotten and it seems like no one is concerned.

I am speaking towards the gentleman, because I am a man and always wish to act in a respectful and courteous manner towards others. I am astonished when I see others too consumed within themselves and their phones to be polite. We all are equal and that is fantastic, but this does not mean we should not treat others with respect. I ponder the idea of why this death has occurred. The only reason I was able to come up with is about politics and big business. People within the last 10 years have had a tough road, we have dealt with all of these men in suits lying to us, robbing us, and acting in very foolish manners. Are we so fed up with these men to the point we have changed the image of the man in the suit to an untrustworthy scam? We have decided to work with the unintelligent because at least they are honest? But don’t we deserve more?

Now, for the more controversial side… Women, are you continuing the cycle? At one point in the past, you weren’t to look at a man unless he was well dressed and well behaved. Of course, the desire for a badass was always a possibility and someone who could handle their own, but it seems neither of these requirements are necessary anymore. Men, if we can even call them that, are allowed to act foolish and unintelligent. Women are settling because it is easy, because they have the attention of their friends. But just like the media, are we running with the phrase, any press is good press? Are we this self absorbed that we need the attention so bad we are willing to sacrifice those we chose to spend the rest of our lives with?

The Breakdown:

Being a gentleman, in my eyes actually has nothing to do with gender. It has to do with self respect, the idea of presenting yourself in a manner of confidence and being well-kept. A gentleman goes the extra mile, prepares each day to put his best foot forward, and is willing to do the right thing with or without people around. This road is filled with hard work, honesty and knowledge, but it allows society to function with respect and refinement.

What I ask of you…

Presenting life has always been about showing yourself with respect and confidence. Bringing honesty back into power and the ways in which we show ourselves to the world each and every day. So, today I want to create a checklist that you can refer to on your regular day to day life.

  1. Who did I lie to today?
  2. Why did I lie?
  3. Did I show the best image of myself to everyone?
  4. Did I show the best image of myself when no one was looking?
  5. Did I hold the door open for someone or smile when they walked by?
  6. Was I too self absorbed to listen to those around me?
  7. Did I take the time to talk to someone and have a real conversation?
  8. Do I feel confident about who I am around and what I am doing?
  9. Am I settling?
  10. Am I pushing myself to be the person I have always wanted to be? And who is that?

Do these questions seem simple, strange, or unhelpful? Maybe you just haven’t taken the chance to think about how you act on a daily basis.

Today, I challenge you to start.

Where that leaves us?

You are always welcome to comment or message us and put in your thoughts or how this helped you (if it did at all).

Published by Daniel Krikorian