So as it goes life can sometimes, occasionally, quite often throw you curveballs and sometimes this shit happens again and again and again. All of a sudden this shit has spiralled out of control only for you to jerk suddenly back to reality in the midst of a 2 day MDMA and Coke binge surrounded by people equally as fucked up, wondering WTF your doing with your life and how you, an otherwise "normal" person, ended up like this.

I know the internet is full of stories of depression and how to beat it but I really don't think the feeling ever truly leaves us. Instead it brandishes us with a watermark, you may have to squint to make out but still.. its there. It does however become easier to ignore.

I won't bore every reader to death about how depression first entered by life, I'm sure most people reading this have had their fair share of troubles. Instead I want to list a few ways I gradually turned my life around for the better.

1. Try some exercise!  But don't beat yourself up about missing a day or two!

I was never fat so assumed I was healthy, it never occurred to me that a lifestyle of laying on my bed and playing any game that tickled my pickle that day (amongst all the tickling of my pickle of course) was not a healthy and productive use of my time. 

The first few months of this new get fit phenomena I was experiencing was such a struggle, it was a horrible experience that would often take me a few days to work up to, but I eventually did it and my self-worth built piece by piece. Start small, I ran a mile the first time in 16 minutes.

Everyones heard it but exercise really does make such a difference, training with a friend also helps and helped me overcome any social anxieties I had about exercising in public or going to the gym. 

Moral of this paragraph: - Go for a cycle, go swimming, try a jog, just get of your fucking ass and do something other than binge drinking on the weekends.


2. Get a Fucking Hobby! 

Before anyone starts, no sitting around all day playing video games and swearing at that little shit of a kid that keeps going down in your Zombies match is not a hobby. Its a waste of time. For me gaming was used as an escape and I would sink countless hours into this for no reason other than I was bored, it does go hand in hand with getting stoned most of the time though.

I really struggled to think of anything I enjoyed doing (interesting guy right?). I always had an interest in cooking, I could get lost in it for hours. I slowly insisted on cooking more and more and started an instagram account as I figured annoying friends facebook was a lot worse than strangers. 

A quick plug.. heres my instagram:

Recently I bought a camera and took up photography, it's only a few weeks in but really enjoyable and rewarding. Also its another excuse to get out the house.

I also started a blog, even though it's poorly maintained and only occasionally updated it still gives me something to do. I actually got invited to write on here because of it, which felt like a huge step in the right direction.

Plug plug plug:

Moral of the paragraph: - Find something you like doing and a way to track its progress, it'll help.


3. Try not to get fucked up all the time

This includes smoking weed! Sure it's fine to get stoned every once in a while but it can easily become a crutch "I just need a joint and I'll feel fine". "I'll be able to talk to them after a have another line" if it sounds familiar its because you've developed what they call in the world of psychotherapy, a safety behaviour. 

I found it important to crack this, even having a cigarette when I got anxious or stressed out had to go. It was probably the hardest thing for me to do, everything was so readily available and since university I'd unconsciously ensured all my friends were stoners or loved poppin dem pills. My entire social life seemed to be based around drug culture. I chose to set my sites on teaching abroad and had to pass a drug test to do so, I found this the best way as it gave me a reason not to do it.

4. Try not to repeat the same depressing story again and again.

Theres a time and a place, Once you've spoken about something with a close friend once try not to reiterate the point to yourself by retelling it to someone else. Others may only hear it once but by repeating it, you engrain the emotions felt and memories into your psyche. 

Worst of all never ever ever compare yourself to others, they always seem better than they are.


Just remember nobody is truly alone and life is full of shit you just have to struggle past, keep your head high and other stereotypical bullshit.

I'll leave you with something a really nice Slovakian girl told me a few months ago, it helped put things in proportion for me. 

"Not every moment has to be amazing, you dont have to laugh all the time to be happy."

Here are few links to advice on the subject:



Published by Tom Oliver