For businesses, the role of a website can be critical in its eventual success. Website design is not just about attracting the target audience in hordes but enhancing the quality of the message a company wants to send across. This means that without a quality portal, any company can’t think of having a successful web presence. 

Only a good and engaging website get the eyeballs we look forward to; otherwise all the visitors move elsewhere. Only a great homepage/landing page design can attract visitors in hordes so that they are inclined to browse through other pages of the website. That’s why the role of a designer is very important nowadays. And in terms of ecommerce website design, it is one thing that can’t be relegated to the backseat. 

Role of Designers 

Rich web design can be created with a host of design tools available. Just with CSS3 and HTML5, a designer can come up with a design that is right on the money. But the competition is tough as designers all over the world now vie for their share of designing jobs. Dubai is one market which investors and entrepreneurs look to tap-in from around the world. Designers can make their dream come true in the form of a design that complements their product well. 

A boring design is the last thing a company looks forward to. A comical or funky nature of design can be suited for a candy store but not for an ecommerce venture. In terms of visual design, there are some key aspects that we need to think of seriously to lure the target audience. 

Let me shed some light on exactly how this can be achieved and what we need to learn and apply here. 

Visual Design: What is Needed in the First Place

There are many ways in which you need to have a good design, but it all depends upon how a designer perceives in as he needs to think out of the box to create a mesmerizing effect. Web design needs to be exquisite in nature. What we need to know here is how visitors look upon any website and what makes them stick to it out of dozens of websites they see on any given day. 

According to research, it takes around 2.6 seconds to make a person stick to an area on a website that is worthy of a detailed look. You can imagine how we scan the website in those microseconds and create an image about it. The factors like menu, logo, and images are one of the areas that are important to focus on for a designer. Companies need to ask the web design agency in dubai they are recruiting about this aspect so that they can attract good number of visitors. 

What Does it Take to Make People Stick on your Website?

We are talking about design, and the best-suited answer here is design. We all know this, but what it takes to be a great design in this concern? I have already given some of the information in this concern, but this is not everything. Apart from images and logos, the main navigation menu is one thing that designers need to think of seriously to give a website easy access. While some of you may think it is not that important, design is not always about cool images and reliable free graphic designing tools . Facilitation to the visitor is also one aspect. 

A search box is another aspect that we need to think of as an important design element. A simple search box or neatly designed one, if it is not serving the purpose well, it is of no use. On average, a visitor focuses on a search box for 6 seconds. For a detailed search, the time may be increased a bit, but what can be done to make it attractive? Its functionality is of prime importance, but its design can also make things look nice for visitors. 

Challenges and Opportunities for Designers

There are a host of new challenges and opportunities for the designer nowadays as they look to make things great in terms of design. Aspects like a website’s main image are one thing that can attract many people, even if they are not genuinely interested in the featured product. We all know that every visitor on a website is a potential customer. So, a catchy featured image can make a person sit back and take notice of it. And he may look for more information if the image is intriguing enough. 

Everyone looks forward to having an exceptional design for making a website work. But they don’t think about their feedback being also important in this concern. If anyone wants to be successful in his business, he needs to think about how to generate ideas or strategies to make it profitable. Similarly, for the design aspect, there are several factors for which the input from the business owner or a top executive is really necessary. 

The role of the designer is, thus, really important. While he needs to go for the artistic expression in designing a website, ecommerce website, and most importantly the products/service on display, if he will listen to the suggestion of making a design look good, it can make a difference. A person knows about his business pretty well, and that’s why he can make a good contribution to making a design work well. A website will score high on the design aspect so that potential customers will become eager to go through the website in its entirety. 

Final Word

There are billions of websites on the Internet and as an ecommerce website owner can you expect that your website will be among those websites that are visited again and again? Yes, we all expect the same and choosing a good designer in this concern is one such step in the right direction.

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Published by Syed Mohammad Anwer