It is always about the details...

Those who pay attention to our details, make all the difference in our life. This particular friend who notices our mood from the tone of our voice. This certain colleague who knows our fears from our eyes without spelling a single word out. This peculiar person who cheers us up by a simple candy without asking for it. There are some people who make all the beautiful differences in our lives, without asking for it.

I remember this day when I was totally down, crying for no reason and extremely depressed, that you showed up. You asked no questions, and told few stories. You gave me that confidence to open up. You guided me to trust you. I only listened to you and your words. Your stories might be untrue. They might be fairy tales. But they perfectly matched how I felt that day. I always wonder how you could feel me that way. Is it my extroversion, or your intuition?

I remember that other day when I was sensually emotional. You showed up out of nowhere. You stood behind me, filling up those gaps. You cherished my sensuality, and valued my emotional state. This was a day when you recognized that sensual urge from the tone of my voice. I didn't have to explain or hide. When you noticed this little detail, you gave me the room to be myself.

It has always been your talent to notice the details the reason for my happiness. You made me at ease to be who I am. Your recognition for my details, shortened the way to my heart.  

Published by Abeer Ghander