Today is day 10 and last night I got the dreaded headache. I had heard that other people experienced this during detox and hoped it wasn't my lot, but well, no such luck.

As awful as it was (and it was awful - nausea, all sounds and lights hurting my head) I am so grateful for the tools that I have been given recently to manage this pain.

  • Members only Medical Medium facebook page - fantastic community page that gave me the knowledge that this was just a part of the detox. Each time I thought I couldn't bear another second I just reminded myself that it was my body's way of ridding itself of toxins. (Must buy the book to be a member)
  • A sister who sells essential oils - Diffusing peppermint oil next to my bed helped ease the pain enough for me to get to sleep. Long live Young Living!!!
  • A husband who cares for me - When I didn't have the ability to get my diffuser, he set it up for me working only by the light of his camera phone so he didn't have to turn on the bedroom light.

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly weak. As I sit here drinking my celery juice, I am hopeful a little food will help. This weekend is back to school shopping weekend. I NEED my strength!

Are 28 days up yet?

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