This week, I am sharing the notes from the five minute presentation I gave in my first year of university. The presentation was called 'Being a Diarist'. So let's delve straight in, here are my notes:

Being a Diarist

I started writing a diary properly in 2007 - Year 9. 

I am currently on diary 21

The reasons I decided to start a diary:

  • For something to do
  • To have somewhere to express myself
  • Prove to myself that I could keep one

When I had tried before to keep a diary, I would end up stopping and I decided that I was just a person who could not keep one. 

Before my diary I used to write on my computer. A file called 'My Life Story' and that was my first real attempt that actually got anywhere. 

I saw the possibilities in having a plain black, wiro bound lined book. I could decorate it and do anything I wanted in it. I thought that this was the key to being successful in keeping a diary: Allow myself the freedom to be creative and to fill the book however I wanted to. 

I don't actually like my first diaries, but looking back and reflecting on that time, I know that I started writing at the right time. I ended up needing a place to put all of my feelings and thoughts, and I suppose it helped. 

At one point I got obsessed with wanting to write down every single thing that happened. On those days I could write up to 9 pages a day! 

"Diary writing isn't wholly good for leads to living for one's diary instead of living for the fun of living as ordinary people do."

I always decorated the front with stickers, calling it 'Jade's Diary'. 

I now limit myself to a page a day. Sometimes it isn't enough, but most of the time it is okay. 

I mainly write about what happens during the day, rather than my deep thoughts about life, which only tend to seep into my writing when something significant has happened to trigger deeper feelings. 

Even after all these years of writing it took a while for it to sink in that I should pursue creative writing.

It took a while to get to Diary 21. Diary 20 got off to a slow and bad start. I tried to start it up again on 22nd March 2012, then didn't write again until July 2012. I finally got my life back together and began writing properly again on 5th April 2013. 

I had tried writing in another book, but it didn't feel right. I struggled with myself but then when I was writing my diary everyday again, it proved to me that I had got better and I continued to get better. 


Diary: a daily record of events, transactions, thoughts etc. Esp ones involving the writer. 

Journal: A personal record of events or matters of interest, written up everyday or as events occur, usually in more detail than a diary. 

"More than any other branch of literature, diaries revel in otherness. Like a chameleon, a diary can change its colour to suit the mood of its keeper. It can be whatever the diarist wants it to be." (The Assassin's Cloak)

Published by Jade Moore