Unfortunately, about a third of dental clinic patients come to the doctor with a problem of the lack of most (or even all) of the teeth. But you need to restore your teeth - and not only to restore psychological comfort and the ability to fully eat, but also for the normalization of the entire dental system and even the removal of wrinkles on the face. Modern dentistry has many tools for solving the problem: from classical removable dentures to dental implants. Naturally, each patient strives to choose the best option for based on the price-quality ratio, aesthetics and durability. As it is written on Towerhilldental.ca about dental implants, the technologies of all-on-4 and basal implantation are so popular today. Each of the methods has its own peculiarities. The patient should get some theoretical knowledge about the techniques to imagine what to be ready for and which approach to give preference to.

 What is immediate load and what technologies it includes:

Immediate load is the method by which implants are loaded with a prosthesis already 2-3 days after the operation. Below we will consider the technologies of teeth restoration using the protocol immediate load: all-on-4 and basal complex.

The main indications for the implementation of each method are the absence of all teeth, multiple missing teeth or their loss and any degree of bone atrophy. Loss of bone volume occurs if the teeth are missing for 1-2 years or more or replaced with removable dentures. There are minor, moderate degrees of loss and an acute shortage of bone tissue. The name of the method speaks for itself: 4 dental implants are installed to support a prosthesis  - two - to the frontal zone, two - to the side (1 implant on each side).

The lateral implants are placed at an angle in the region of the 5th-6th tooth, which allows selecting the most dense bone sections of sufficient volume, and also increasing the contact area of ​​the implant and bone. This method of treatment involves the use of implants, which consist of two parts: the first is placed in the bone tissue - this is the implant itself, for the installation of which you need to perform a surgical operation (cut the gum, form a hole in the bone). Among the advantages of this technique is the reduction in the number of implants and the possibility of immediate prosthetics, the rapid restoration of the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth. The all-on-4 prosthetics method is the patented technology of the world leader in the production of NOBEL BIOCARE implants.

Every orthodontist in Richmond Hill can also recommend a basal implantation method, which means that single-piece implants are used - they are installed without tissue incisions, by puncturing and screwing. This method can be used for acute bone shortage, as the number of implants is increased - up to 8-12 per dentition. The dentist carefully models the installation site using 3D technologies based on computer tomography, and also based on the volume and quality of the bone. A greater number of implants improves the support of prostheses, increases the burden on the bone, forcing it to work.

Published by Elina Sivak