SO, here we go with the fourth book of the series. If anyone read the first three then you will realize that the fourth is the same pattern of the first book.


What I mean about it is that you have to read all three to finish the story. This is a different writer as you can see Aubrey Clark, but you can see the differences in the story layout it’s not the same. I think L J Smith comes to rescues in the end and you can see her style of writing there. Hence the ending of the book. I would like to think that it’s the case.


Anyway, the book has more magic in it, more cat fights and plot twist. Which is good.


I am taking a break though because I found some interesting books to read and I wanted to enjoy the series rather than just read it and be done with it. I promise I won't take long to go back to them until then you can read them or read the other books I suggest.


Published by Elektra Bakhshov