I know how to enter the dream world.

People think that there’s nothing to dreams. They think that dreams are just a product of sleep, and that they should be dismissed, because, well, who really wants to believe that nightmares are real?

Sleep is incredibly important, and so are dreams. Why? If you’re dreaming, you’re getting restful sleep. If you’re not getting restful sleep, you don’t dream. If you don’t get restful sleep, it’s bad for your health. It’s actually possible to die from lack of sleep, you know.

Some people say that they don’t dream. Those people are either lying or forgetting their dreams when they wake up. Everybody dreams. Everybody.

But why does everyone dream when they sleep. We’re spiritual. When we die, our essence goes elsewhere. When we sleep, we do the same; we enter another world.

About two weeks ago, I started having this nightmare. I started seeing things- creatures, more like- that stalked me through my dreams. These gray skinned, shadowy figures followed me around in my dreams, until a week ago. I died in one of my dreams, and I didn’t wake up during the ordeal, either. I got run down by a horde of those things, and they eviscerated me. They didn’t cut my flesh, they tore me open. They spilled my insides and passed my intestines around like sausage links. They had a fight over who would eat my stomach. They left my heart inside my ribcage until the end.

One of those things held my head still and stared into my eyes while his buddies tore me apart. He grinned at me; his lips stretched all the way up the side of his head. He had sharp, black teeth. After a while, he popped out my eyeballs. I could hear him chewing on them, and I could hear juices squirting all over the inside of his mouth.

After they finished eating all of my organs and flaying the flesh from my bones, they crushed my heart. Then, I awoke.

Since that dream, I haven’t slept a wink. I’ve gone a week without sleep, and I’m starting to see the shadow men. I’ve seen them at the grocery store, I’ve seen them at the office, and I’ve seen them standing at the end of my street, staring at me as I walk inside my house. You want to know how to enter the dream world? Stop going to sleep.




Published by John Du