There may be 24 days until the election, but I have voted, and it is over for me!

This has been a year of energy-sucking from all directions.  And it is over!

October is my birthday month, and my new year is beginning now.  While I do not want to talk about it at all, in summary, I was so out of alignment doing my mail-in election ballot that I have no desire to talk about government, candidates, elections ever again.  So that is over.  I am a strong energy believer; it is what my business is based on; and it is how I have turned my life around in the past 8 years.  From here on in, positive energy is all I really want to be surrounded with.  That does not mean that I am denying that negativity is out there; it means that I will choose the energetic environment in which I will dwell.  This decision will continue to remove me more and more from social media on a personal level.  Yes, I will share positive posts periodically, but being a positive force in a negative arena is a form of energy-sucking, and that is not for me any longer.

So, join me, become a positive energy person.  If you make this one change, and it is a small one if you do it step by step, you will begin to find more joy in your life…and this is what I am recommending…



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