The sky is a pitch black, as though a black hole has swallowed the space whole.

He looks up. Dark eyes sweep over the horizon, perhaps searching for concealed stars or hidden moon. There is nothing betrayed in the depth of those shadowed orbs. It feels strange, like his presence is eluded as the world plunges into darkness.

He turns.

There she is, by his side, quiet and distant. There is a mere one metre between them, but never before have they been further away. Like a thousand universes have been squeezed in between the bodies of two unfeeling humans. It makes him wonder, if they had ever been any closer.

“I wonder.” The sound of her voice breaks the trance he has inserted himself into. When his puzzled expression meets her dull look, she shrugs in that oh-so-familiar dismissive stance.

The little voice in his head that asks, how, silences at the gleam in her eyes. He smiles, just a bit empty, just a bit hollow. And the scrunch of her eyebrows is just another familiar sight.

“I have always hated you,” she murmurs as she stares at him, through him.

“Oh? Why is that?” The quirk of his lips, it’s lopsided in that way that makes her fist itch to smack him across the face. So she ignores him, and his question, and his presence, and just…him.

“Everything will be all right, you know,” he continues in the voice that has people mesmerised and deluded. The look in his eyes is faraway, like the stars out there, dream-like and hazed over with a veil of illusion and hope. He has lived this way for so long and survived, what makes everything so different now?

The snort of laughter tears open the glaze. He glances at her. He quite likes the way her eyes wrinkle when she smiles or laughs, hard edges and acerbic glint.

She has always been like this, hasn’t she? A glimpse at her destroys people, her face kills them with kindness but her mind annihilates them with cruelty.

What about him? Too nice, too bright. The world out there is burning, yet he is still there smiling. She’d rather die than let the clouds obscure her eyes.

“Yeah,” She barks out the last of her laughter, “And that’s why I hate you.” The grin on her face is perhaps the most brilliant he has ever seen, shame he could only see it now.

Because when the ground falls under his feet, and she tumbles over the cliff, the last thing he registers before he, too, disappears into the sinking depth, was…


The world is ending,

And you, forever in hiding…




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