The End of Days?



My Brothers and Sisters ,


Currently, there are powerful, ungodly men, trying to rush the APOCALYPSE, acting as self-appointed saviors of the world. Who could these men be who want to see Russia, Great Britain, the United States and Germany as the surviving nations under ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?


We know that the Alt-Right movement has its greatest support in these countries. We know that our president-elect, during his campaign, was busy planning to use America to make money by buying trademarks (Central Park, American Idea) for rights to sell numerous products and expanding his enterprise at home and abroad. We know that he has publicly stated that he wants to be the one to make peace with the Middle Eastern nations and Israel. We know that he has stated that becoming president may be his only way into heaven.


It appears that he is painting a double image to confuse us; from his facade as the pious, concerned businessman, turned reluctant politician and public servant, to his charisma, agenda and connections that appear to paint him as the anti-Christ, following the prophecies in the Bible that will lead to the second coming of Christ. We know that many of his supporters already see him as a savior sent from God.


As part of his strategy, he often plants ideas and suggestions into the minds of the public, to mask his true intentions and lead people on a wild goose chase.


However, we can be assured that the underlying message, mission, hidden agenda and bottom line and power and a lot of it.  There is no greater theme in the lives of men like these. They will do ANYTHING, at the expense of others to make themselves richer and more powerful.


So far, he has marked his path by doing everything that he has accused his opposition of doing wrong and used to disqualify them. It is a tale-tale move and a certain give-a-way to what can be expected in the future.


What is the motive of these men in appearing to be the fulfillers of Biblical Prophecy? Are they trying to legitimize their actions in perhaps robbing the world? Is it a smoke screen to coverup their true plans? Is it to distract and preoccupy the people from seeing what is really happening and being done to them?


It is clear that they don't see China as a clear threat or key player. No, the Chinese wouldn't fit into the "New World Order," as a dominant, ruling nation, according to racists ideology. Therefore, they must have devised a plan to undermine China's economy, perhaps provoking it and then, justifying the next step.


What do they hope to gain by scheming and plotting to change the world besides power and money? Revenge against their enemies? Surely, after the successful Russian-orchestrated presidential election and cabinet appointments, they believe they have been successful.


What will the people do who have already bought into this lie? We are already seeing an attack on civil liberties in the media, as anyone speaking out against Trump is labeled anti-trump and quickly exposed to be exhibiting adverse and unacceptable behavior.


Many people are listening to false prophets, who because of their vanity, God has allowed to hear and see falsely.  The blind and false prophets can only see the scriptures through their flesh and have misinterpreted the Word of God.


God shares with those He calls friend. Those who are trustworthy. A prophet must BELONG to GOD and God alone, neither seeking fame or fortune, nor aiding the enemies of God.


God will reveal those under the spell of the adversary who claim to ILLUMINATE as false lights imitating the TRUE LIGHT OF GOD. Still, many will continue to follow the false light and be engulfed and consumed by its darkness.


As we look at the great scheme of things in this political mayhem, which obviously has been years in the making, it presents questions. Can man make money off of God? Man has been doing it for ages, as wolves in sheep's clothing. Can man rob God? Again, man has been doing this for ages, by not giving back to God, that which is due.


But, can man fool God or mislead Him? Can man create his own puzzle pieces and insert them into God's plans? Will God allow man to plan his own demise to make himself rich? We will see...we will see.


Yet, all we have questioned is assuming that this false light BELIEVES in God, The Word and the Revelation of God. If the false light doesn't believe in The Almighty God and is playing on the belief and trust of the people who do, what shall become of it? We know that man can provoke the wrath of God. What shall become of these men who see themselves as UNTOUCHABLE?  We will see...we will see.


People of the world, guard your hearts and your tongues, for the enemies of God have used them to rise to power. Harbor no ill-will toward your neighbor. Truly and earnestly seek the face of God, for this is a time when friend will become foe and one will not know who to trust. Freedom of speech will be thrust upon a pathway of burning coals and those who betray the false light will be forced to walk its path.


Knowledge will enter a dark age as ignorance freely reigns with an iron hand. False news? How will we be able to tell what is false and what is true? The influence of wikileaks on the elections proves that those with money and power can make people believe what they want them to believe. Keeping the people in the dark has been the successful, working propaganda of dictators and communists, throughout the years.


We, The People, have intrusted our country into the hands of those who care nothing for truth unless it can serve them to create lies. Has a precedent been set? Has God ALLOWED a storm to be unleashed upon us? Will the time come when the souls of men wonder, Is there any refuge, a safe haven, "safe and assured from all alarm? " Or, will God turn the tide and calm the winds, saying PEACE, BE STILL?


Need we worry about the future and the works of vain and evil men enslaved to Darkness? No, we need not worry, but we must be on our guard and always standing for the Kingdom, lest we and others fall. We need not worry, but we must not forget we have a charge to keep and a God to glorify. We need not worry for in the end the Children of God will win.  But...if we think only of ourselves, paying no heed to God's commandment to love and keep our brother, will we be amongst the Children of God? Will God know us? Will we too have been victorious?


The Light calls to the lost, to the sleeping, to the weary, "Repent, for The Kingdom is at hand!" Come to Jesus. Follow Him into the Kingdom, into VICTORY, as we CONQUER the world.


Praise be to God!


your servant, united with the One, by the Grace and Mercy of Jehovah God




Published by Mishael T