Tonight, right now is the end of a era for me and my angel.  It is the last night in our "family" home, the home where I thought we would live for at least another 10 years. Oh well, C'est la vie!

I asked my angel what she wanted to do on our last night (besides the endless packing - seriously, where does all this stuff come from?!) and her idea of a great last night is popcorn and pretzels!  Who am I to argue?!!

So, here we are surrounded by boxes eating popcorn and (for me at least) reminiscing on old times - BUT WAIT! Who is this melodramatic sad sack?  It certainly isn't the woman I was just a week ago, what happened to the woman who was on a mission to take on the world and win??  

She is still here, however like most, I do have the occasional wobble - but not for long!

This is the start of something wonderful, a chance for me to be truly free and in control of my life, my home and my work.  Something to celebrate not commiserate.

Going through something similar and feeling blue? That's natural and shouldn't be ignored, however nothing good comes from living in the past.  Pick up your boxes, stand tall and tell the world you're ready for the next chapter.  That's what I'm doing...just as soon as I finish the last of this popcorn..

What can I say, I love me a treat night!

Until next time xx 

Published by Anthea Thomas