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I have such a passion for animals. Truly I feel quite a connection whenever I see animals, I love to hear the beautiful sounds the birds make as they fly by my window in the early morning and afternoon. I love the sites they bring to the world, and how they make you feel quite joyful as you gather the image of the beautiful animal in your mind, to remember and feel what it was like to be there in the moment, and catch a glimpse of the animal. Through the glistening trees in the morning to the night sky filled with stars, There are animals providing us with a sense of comfort even though we might not know it, a sense of joy because of the beautiful sounds they bring to your life, as well as their presence and site.

Sometimes, I like to see all the animals in my everyday life as i’m in a car or on a walk, or anywhere. But I feel as if their voice and life matters just as much as ours, I mean they always mattered, but I think it should matter more, us humans tend to think just about ourselves, not anything else not even other human beings, and when that happens we never care about anything else like the animals. Animals may not have a voice or language we can understand, But the least I can do is speak up for those who can’t. In this case, animals.

Remember the next time you litter, whether you thought nothing about it at the moment, or just had no sense to care, remember you are not only hurting the earth, you are hurting animals as well as yourself. Think of this, You litter, something could be anything a wrapper, a cup, or even glass. You throw it our your window keep on living life and nothing matters, a baby bird, a deer, or any animal could have not seen that walked right on top of the nasty garbage you left behind, got caught, or hurt, or anything even if its not seriously hurt. They can’t seem to function anymore like they used to, they can’t go back to their mothers or family, whether it be a baby or an adult all the garbage you leave behind could hurt them in  a serious way, they might eat it not knowing what it was, and chocked, anything could lead to death or serious injury.

Was it really that hard to wait till’ you got to your destination to throw that away, that wrapper or that bottle or anything else. Please remember you don’t just share this planet with humans, but with animals too. I don’t think they should be mistreated, or misunderstood even if they can’t speak. They have feelings, a life, a family & Just because you can’t understand them does not mean they have no rights or feelings. They are animals. Sometimes even more compassionate then humans. 

Remember to help, and keep these animals protected, I am very passionate about them, and half of these animals are in danger of becoming extinct, not because of anything else but because of us humans, of course an animal isn’t going to make themselves extinct why could they want that? They obviously want to live, so sometimes we may not see it, but just because you can’t see the harm people or even yourself do, does not mean harmful things are not happening because they are all the time, and sometimes all because of us.

There are people everyday helping these lovely animals to live and populate and have a good life, and that is something i strive to do when I am older, I am choosing to take the career path in the animal field. There is also something i’d like for people to understand, I am choosing to maybe as of right now, work at a zoo. I see that some people don’t support zoos because they are keeping animals caged, or show as some people may think, But i have contacted a lot of people that work at zoos and done tons of research on their job, and I promise you they are not training animals in the zoo for entertainment, they simply have to take the animals to zoos to keep them protected and making sure they don’t go extinct, they help re-populate to bring them in the wild and live their lives, in the early times they used to keep them in cages as people started to notice that wasn’t good or the right thing to do, Now zoos have the animals to educate people and make sure we help and protect them, most of the time they only take injured animals and help them, in the zoo, not only are they helping but they are helping them stay alive because the reason of some of the animals being on the endangered list is because people hunt and kill them so keeping them in the zoo is protecting at the same time, Yes i wish all animals could live in their right place, not everything’s is right nor perfect, so try to understand that, as well as the habitat for the animals are no longer caged, just enclosed most of the time, because the area the animals live in are big and huge for the animals and the people that work their make sure the animal does the same things like hunt as if it were in the wild. So maybe with your help we can get them their back to their place. But enjoy the zoo go there get educated and help protect.

There are many places you can go and help, like the WWF site, go help and donate to the animals.

Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHbrOnalLHs :  Proof Animals have souls. 

There are many other places and sites to go help and learn more, Look around your local areas maybe go to a Wildlife Rehab Center, or Local Zoo, or anything, It helps keep animals living on this amazing planet with us.

Never forget animals are what makes this planet unique.

- Gabriela Montanez 


Published by Gabriela Montanez