One of the most interesting genres that can never fade away, comedy is truly entertaining by all means. An honest fan of all things funny - comedy series, stories, books and movies have always grabbed my attention since childhood. The only dominant form that occupies the screen space on my television, humor is my favorite companion for a long time now. Be it TV series running through several seasons or short film with a simple storyline, be it books filled with humorous stories or articles written on a hilarious note, I always find myself moving towards these interesting masterpieces.

       Though several genres and styles decorate the world of television and movie industry, my love for comedy arises from the desire to smile, laugh and rejoice. Taking away all the tensions, worries, anxieties and concerns for some time, these comedy series and movies offer light moments of entertainment. Forcing us to look at the brighter and funnier sides of life, comedy genre enlightens the mood within a short while.

    Though comedy and humor appear as simple means of art, portraying them on-screen and making people laugh are totally difficult tasks by all ways. While emotional, sensational, horror or sensitive topics manage to connect with the audience instantly, comedy flavors cannot spread the same charm. Engaging the viewers in its flow of humor, besides showering them with numerous moments of laughter are some of the difficult aspects of comedy that need practice and patience.

     One of most appealing qualities of any comedy program is that it never demands anything from the audience. Unlike other genres that require careful attention, thoughtful analysis, logical reasoning and presence of mind, comedy needs none of these ever. All it wants is an open mind and constant supply of smiles and laughter. While hunting for TV series and movies over the television at home, I always focus on the comedy quotient of the program. Though comedy and humor programs do not convey any significant message for the living or impart any valuable knowledge for its viewers, they certainly radiate light moments and lighter experiences.

        Comedy movies and series with multiple cast attracts the viewer in me. Loaded with funny incidences and unexpected situations, such programs bring out hilarious moments all along the way. Without any complications, tears, sorrow and tensions, comedy genre offers light fodder for the brain. Few moments of fun, laughter and smiles are all we need at the end of a long day, after all life and its engagements keep us well occupied all the time. While life expects us to be serious, fast, alert and aware, I enjoy the lighter aspects of comedy. Good hearted humor and sensible comedy can ensure excellent quality entertainment. Jokes created with an aim to tease, trouble, humiliate or insult people, places and things can never fall under the category of humor. Comedy that brings a smile on everyone’s face regardless of age, gender, caste, creed, nationality or race is the central theme of humor.

       With such immense love for humor and comedy, I always look forward to tuning into them quite often. Be it reading or watching, comedy genre appeal to these eyes all the time!

What are your thoughts about comedy and humor? Do you share the same love for this genre or do your experiences differ?


Published by Lavanya