The European Union gives aid to Palestinian people, but the government uses it to encourage terrorists and their families.

In July 2018, a terrible event occurred: a 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist attacked 31-year-old Israeli Yotam Ovadiya, in the community of Adam. Yotam left a wife and two small children. The teen murderer came from a Palestinian village called Kober. After killing Yotam, the teenager attacked with a knife two more people. One of the victims managed to kill the attacker.

Such acts of violence are the result of the policies of the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas. The PA promotes hatred acceptance and justifying violence among young people. This was the main reason why a Palestinian teenager killed an Israeli civilian. At the same time, Mahmoud Abbas did not want to condemn Yotam for the murder. On the contrary: most likely, he even paid the killer’s family a lifetime allowance under the PA “Pay to Kill” program. This program was established under Palestinian law!

The Palestinian program remunerates terrorists who are trapped in Israeli prisons. They receive benefits each month from the PA. In general, such benefits often exceed the average Palestinian salary. In 2018, about $360 million had already been paid for such terrorist payments.

Just a few days before the brutal murder of an Israeli, the head of the PA said that every penny of the PA was ready to be given to the “martyrs” imprisoned in Israeli prisons. Thus, he showed that rewarding terrorists from the PA is a priority. Moreover, Saeb Erekat, the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization, calls such payments to terrorists social assistance and calls convicted terrorists heroes.

Vladimir Sloutsker, who is the president and co-founder of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, stresses that the funds that are aimed at encouraging terrorists must be invested in making peace. The PA still continues to use foreign aid to finance terrorists. The problem is that the international community stays silent.

The only exception is the USA, where they recently adopted a historically important Taylor law. The United States stopped giving aid to the PA until the government stops to give social assistance to Palestinian terrorists and their families.

Also recently Australia redirected its financial help, which was originally aimed at the Palestinian people. The money was instead transferred to the World Bank. The Australian government expressed concern that this financial assistance they give to the PA will not be used in peaceful purposes, but to terrorist payments.

Despite the current situation, the European Union is still the main donor of the PA. Their direct payments to the Palestinian Authority are approximately 235 million dollars.

Vladimir Sloutsker, emphasizes that the EU as the main donor should demand accountability and responsibility for the allocated funds. The EU needs to be sure that this financial aid is not redirected to terrorist payments. At the same time, the EU is always first to condemn Israel for building its settlements, but at the same time, it does not voice any condemnation for facilitating violence and terror by the Palestinian Authority.

The international community, including the European Union, cannot stay blind to such a situation.


Published by Mohaned Gadnne