There are many podcast now, many people still don't know what they are. A Podcast is like a radioshow that is recorded live and then edited and posted up later on a hosting site or ITunes or stitcher radio network.

I've mainly listened to entertainment podcast. I like a lot of the shows on the Frogpants Network; The Arcade Network; and a few independent ones. 

I made a list of ones that I think others may enjoy!

The Morning Stream - A daily show that has a bunch of guest on it.

Film Sack - A weekly show about old movies on Netflix, its between four guys who make fun of the movie

Coverville - A weekly show about different music covers of different bands each week.

Sword and Laser - A by weekly show about Book reviews!

The Worst Comic Podcast Ever! - A podcast with three guys who talk about comics and do interviews from Comic Conventions. Its a really fun show!

Two-Headed Nerd - A weekly show with a secondary show called The Answer of the Week where two guys discuss the weeks comics and then ask a question weekly where people call in and share their thoughts on the question.

Daydream Instruction Manual - Four guys who talk about nerdy stuff and whatever floats their boat. 

Cinematic Sound Radio - A by Weekly podcast where one host shows us the weeks worth of new music or tributes or specialty shows of different soundtracks from the world of movies, tv, and video games. 

Finally Soundtrack Alley The Podcast! - It's my podcast and I just share a soundtrack from my past, I show facts about the film and share clips from different soundtracks. 

So I ask you to consider listening to podcast, Enjoy listening to podcast on your listening device and have fun!

That's all I have for today! See you next time!

Published by Randall Andrews