I am one of those people that have super sensitive skin. In fact I have tried a number of facial wipes before - all of which have caused irritation, redness and breakouts (including the ever so popular Simple cleansing wipes). 

I had pretty much given up hope on finding a facial wipe that doesn't cause havoc on my face until now. 

I am a HUGE fan of the Garnier micellar water - in fact I am a huge fan of most of Garnier's products ( I LOVE their BB cream) and when I saw these cleansing wipes in my local Priceline, I thought why not give cleansing wipes one last shot!

And I am so happy I did!

Not only do the wipes smell incredible ( but not overpowering) but they have a lovely soft feel to them. They are just the right amount of moist and are amazing at breaking down any excess makeup! They are also SO affordable and DON'T irritate my skin which is PERFECT!

If you are in the market for a new makeup wipe, I highly recommend checking them out!

What are your favourite makeup wipes?

Thank you so much for watching!

Love Always 

Jess xx

Published by Jessica Louise