The Internet is a power which strengthen every aspects of life with the ease and convenience of getting each and every thing even access all the information in time. Online pharmacy, whether known as Internet pharmacy or e-pharmacy, has playing a cost effective role over the Internet. The only consideration is to know exactly the authenticated and registered these pharmacies. As the technology is upgraded, the risks of fraudulent over the Internet numerously increases every day. The rough estimate legally proved that around 4% of online pharmacies like meds4sure are licensed, others are mostly not registered stores. The drawback of taking prescribed medicines from non-registered pharmacies is that they may provide the contaminated or fake medicine to you which is obviously averse to the health.

The difference between“fake” and “real” online pharmacies:


The state laws are applied to the online pharmacies as well but, unfortunately minimum number in count for online pharmacies are following federal laws. The ratio of the online prescribed medicine purchaser is about 25% now the query is how to know or eliminate the legitimate and registered pharmacies?

  • The assurance of the registered pharmacies is commonly practiced that they won’t require to fill any questionnaire and they are located usually within the state whether they are operating from overseas. Also, they required the prescription first instead of asking the irrelevant questionnaire.
  • The other major fact of the fraud and fake pharmacies are usually seen that its actually not providing the mailing address to their customers exactly.
  • The other eliminating point is the price. Often the fake pharmacies reduce the prices of medicines which causes the more side effects to the health because quality assurance is not to be tested. The contaminated medicine may be provided or lack of active drug may be used in it.
  • The amount of required dosage or drugs may be neglected in that case which is harmful for the patient.
  • The risk involves in the process until one is sure to discriminate the fake and the real online pharmacies. The monitoring of the dosage hence not eliminated by the physicians and they are not interested to provide further assistance in this regard.

The FDA for the assistance of the e-consumers provides the site to clearly differentiate between the fake and the real e-pharmacies. Some key points are clearly defining to distinguish the fraud and legitimate online stores. The U.S FDA is convinced and committed to provide the services to serve humanity and to aid the patients who are specifically unable to physically go to the pharmacies rather than to deceive them through fraud online pharmacies.

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The prime step is to provide the prescription by the online pharmacy, and it should be licensed specifically through the local address where one reside along with the consultation which is also specifically through licensed pharmacist, and it is more trust worthy and convenient for the online stores to provide street address where they are physically existed. These are some advices by FDA for the pure assistance to the U.S residents.

The health assurance companies believe in the NABP positive approaches in these fields of online pharmacy and wisely set up some standards according to the international standard unit of health and they are keen interested to provide the list of VIPPS.

The VIPPS has launched the awareness programs that are using various advertising tactics through Google, the best ever mailing site Yahoo and Bing. The online pharmacies are increasing over internet day by day. They are forbidden by the prohibited norms of pharmacy practice. Most of them are based upon meaningless services and information and the fraud online suppliers of medicine and may not be truly provide medication to the serious cures. The consultation programs are even though fake which are not convenient for the patients. The patient and the pharmacist are close to each other because the comfort level between both of them must be equally distributed for the better understanding of the pain and disease.

The risks are always present there due to the lack of knowledge and awareness programs. This is truly advice to be admit the rules and standardized ways of providing the online services because it is the matter of life. Everyone is curious about the health and the acceptance of admitting the fraud and fake sites are not allowed in any case. The serious allegations are always cycle over the internet but, the both parties are responsible for all of the weaknesses. The better understanding of the online registered medication can only be understanding through careful assessment. The laws are made for the humans, and they are always set up for the stable and peaceful environment in the region. The fraud and fake term is really minor in this regard because in case of any mishap who is responsible for the incident?

The benefits of online pharmacies:


The availability of the variety of registered and authenticated medicines that are licensed and protected by the law provides the amazing services to the depressed people who are not capable of coming to purchase the medicines. The regular monitoring of their web tools are essential to avoid the inconvenience and the fake users. The sites categorized according to the work they deliver. The backup records and the clear demonstration is easily available to the common person to feel free to place the order of the required medicine and it will deliver to the door step as soon as possible through the medium of courier services. The vessels, the storage cell and the best thing is to commitment with the work and the entire efforts to serve humanity with the good faith and with the good will. This is absolutely indulging in the veins of the society specially in abroad and other world is getting familiar vary rapidly to access with a single click. In some areas the pharmacies are trying to provide additional service of online medication which is an easy way to attract the regular customers with the trust of providing the legal and registered medication.

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Published by Asheer Raza