Pages overflow with words on the relation of Science and Religion. And that is all good. Mankind has not yet reconciled the two, and many take sides claiming just one or another to be the higher truth. However, because discourse, even discord, the exploration for deeper understanding raises mankind.

So let me add several more pages.

The Apparent Insufficient Miracles

Let's take as true the claim that few if any clear miracles have occurred in the last centuries, basically because the dawn of the scientific era. Many may disagree, even vehemently, but let's accept that statement.

What will be a clear miracle? Anything the four main gospels indicate Christ performed, i.e. a directed, observable transformation outside any known scientific explanation and astounding because transformation. We will add a current miracle needs verification by a range of non-religious authorities and observation by many.

As noted, let's accept no such miracle has occurred in the last several centuries.

Would that establish anything? I'd offer that it would not. Having less miracles would shed little if any light on the questions of the existence of the supernatural, and the relation of Science and Religion.

In the truly amazing Foundation series, Issac Asimov postulates a great mathematician Hari Seldon develops a technique, psychohistory, which can predict the continuing future of the Galactic Empire. Seldon predicts a thirty millennium dark age, and sets in motion an agenda to shorten that to one thousand years. The master plan will cycle through stages, during which different cultural forces, be it technology or commerce or worship, each have primacy. The flow of the cycles creates a sweep of history that'll shorten the impeding dark ages.

Religious salvation at the hand of a God could readily run through stages. Just as Seldon psychohistory ran through stages, religious salvation could require a sequential sweep of stages. We're able to take a purposeful stage of no miracles, since a secular development of science may serve as a vital stage in salvation sweep.

You could find this hypothesis astounding, even absurd. You could say no sweep of salvation history exists. But you may not base that objection on the "apparent" current no-miracle era. Any insufficient miracles in the present day era does not disprove the existence of miracles in other times, nor does it disprove the existence of a God, nor does it disprove the existence of a sweep of salvation history.

Miracles, God and a sweeping salvation history could exist even though the current era lacks miracles.

The Efficiency of Science

Science stands as among the most objective pursuits of mankind. Many have discussed how cultural and organizational imperatives bend and corrupt science. However, Science requires objective observational evidence, and in the long run observation has banished threads of theories which are incorrect thinking.

Further, at every turn Science has overcome apparent limitations to the observable. Observations are becoming expensive, e.g. the Large Haldron Collider, or the James Webb Space Telescope, but I for one would not be surprised if Science develops solutions to observe events prior to the Big Bang, or that occur in other multi-verses.

There's an uncertainty though. For all the past and ongoing success of Science, it remains a hypothesis, not an undeniable fact, that the explanatory reach of Science can expand for ever. We extrapolate from past and current success that Science can continue to solve problems; but we don't know for certain.


Published by Whitney Morgan