Are you wondering about the leading entrepreneurs of the worlds? Here are a few successful entrepreneurs that everyone considers as a role model.

All the entrepreneurs have one thing in common, and it's the Willpower. While sticking to the firm belief, entrepreneurs get recognized across the world. Success and Fame don't flock everybody's door. Inevitably, it takes years of hard work and determination. So here're some leading entrepreneurs, who started at quite a young age and with a consistent focus on the goal, got what they deserved. So let's dive in and get some inspiration;

Bill Gates

Bill Gates – The Founder of Microsoft – is the second richest man in the world with a net worth of over $77 billion. He has always been the cynosure since he began when he was 13yrs old. After completing high-school in 1973, he enrolled at the University of Harvard. Then Bill Gates decided to leave Harvard in order to start his own business. Perhaps that’s the reason why he is also known as a college drop-out.

It’s a myth that he’s a college drop-out or he failed. The truth is that he left Harvard himself to get along with better opportunities. By 1976, Bill & his friends were working with the company name Microsoft. And the headed on to manufacture their products and design new software.

In 1980, IBM approached Microsoft to develop code for their BASIC – the Computer Language - computer the IBM PC. And they developed MS-DOS that made Microsoft a big player in the industry overnight. In 1985, they launched the first ever copy of MS Windows. And now in 2018, the Bill Gate’s Net worth is $90.2 Billion.

Steve Jobs

Such respectable and reputable lists can’t be carried along without mentioning Steve Jobs a prominent Name. At a very young age, Steve Jobs had to leave college – which made him a college drop-out of – as his family couldn't pay for his education. After some time, he credited the calligraphy-classes as his inspiration for typefaces & font designs of Mac.

It all took him to have an unbelievable career, and he then formed the Company known as Apple his friend Steve Wozniak. Perhaps that’s the reason why he is also recognized as “The Grandfather of the Digital Revolution,". He changed the consumer electronics industry and revolutionized the system.

Currently, he is on more, but at the time of his death, his net worth was over $8.3 billion. The contribution he has made into the digital industry, it’ll be felt for many digital generations to come.

Oprah Gail Winfrey

Do you know why she makes a list? Because Oprah Winfrey is the African American Woman, who’s been through so much but still accomplished so much more. She has been the subject of sexual attack at the age of 9 that she revealed on her live show in 1986. Due to her genuine love of people, she got the job of her dreams as a talk-show host.

In the years ahead, she became the most famous and most-loved person in the entertainment industry. Following her true instinct, she founded the company in 1988 known as Harpo Studios. Due to her successful career as a TV show host, the business went tremendously successful too. Now, her Company has over 250 employees, and her current net-worth is over $3 Billion.

Thankfully, the universities are offering some of the best entrepreneurship programs. So nowadays, students have the opportunity to avail the facility that these famous entrepreneurs didn’t have. So go for it.


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Published by Kash Pals