You got the leave at just the last moment and that of course means that now all your holiday plans are going to be rushed. With the stress of hotel reservations, travel plans and everything else that seems to be in the sky, what are the things that you should really squeeze in and what can be left behind.

Here is a quick download to make your life simple.

The relax quotient

Of course, you are going on a vacation but having those silent moments even on your trip is much needed. Whether it is music or books or something else that calms you down, remember to pack it right in. It will not only add some fun value to your trip but also give you a reason to do something that you truly enjoy.

Games to play along

Games for the road is something that you so need when it comes to holiday travel. You can get long queues, traffic jams, or just lonely roads, the thing that keep you entertained and glued for hours are quick games. One great game that you can enjoy is rummy online. You can play the game on your mobile and keep doing something meaningful for hours. You know, what’s the best part of the game? It can make you win real cash. So, by the time you reach your destination you would have won real cash to further enjoy your holiday.

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The last minute discounts

 Even though we all assume that to get good discounts you need to book well in advance, there are also some steal away deals at the very last moment. Well, no one wants their hotels and flights to go empty. So, yes, it is a chance you take but you really may get something significant out of it. Look for websites that offer the last-minute offers and you just might get lucky.

The online security blanket

Yes, this is the least of the things on your mind, but it shouldn’t be that way. When you are traveling, you are constantly connecting your devices to hotel networks and public WiFi among others. To keep your data protected and your device virus free, double check if your antivirus is updated or not. It would not take much of your time, but can definitely save you a lot of hassle.

Update your eWallets

Demonetization and security has taught us one thing and that’s to move your transactions into the digital space as much as possible. Rather than doing this activity when you reach your destination and struggle with network issues, you can do it right at this time, when you are reading this post. It will make your transactions go smoothly and you don’t have to stress about carrying too much cash with you all the time.

Get those travel apps

There are hundreds of travel apps out there. Whether you prefer TripAdvisor or Google Maps, your trip is not totally complete till you get one. You need to know about the places to see, when to see and how to reach there. So, get those apps, create your account and start using them to plan your trip better.

Add some stress busters to your plan

Even though holidays in themselves are supposed to be about relaxing, but they also add a lot of stress, especially when it is last minute plans. So, how about carrying your own stress busters? It can be videos you always wanted to watch and never got the time, it can be a fidget spinner that does the magic for you or it can even be some engaging games like Indian rummy that capture your attention and beats stress as well. No matter, what works for you, loosing your cool over petty issues on your holiday can spoil the entire trip.

So, if you are thinking about the upcoming holiday season, then these are the few things that should definitely be on your checklist. So, download all those apps and start planning right away.

Published by Samantha Brown