It was his first day of college.

Totally different life, new friends and yes! Beautiful girls too!

While exploring the campus, his eyes were stuck on this particular girl.

He whispered to himself,

What about her looks?


What about her smile?

“Her laughter would be melodious I think”

What about her attitude?

“Oh! She would be having the perfect blend I think.”

But how would you approach?

What would be your first move?

How would you start a conversation? His mind inquired.

These things were more complicated to him than complex numbers.

It has been ten years since.

He sits beside a woman now, peacefully gazing the beautiful night sky.

His eyes are again stuck beside him.

He again whispers to himself,

“Yes! She is cute!”

“Yes! Her laughter is melodious!”

“Yes! She has the perfect blend!”

How did he approach her?

He does not remember.

What was his first move?

He does not remember.

What were his first words to her?

He does not remember.

But what he knows is one simple thing that he does not have to worry about first conversations anymore!

Published by Jaydeep Bansal