She stood there behind the bar pouring Merlot into the wine glass, the air seemed different. She looked over and there he stood at the edge of the bar. she looks back to the wine glass, corks it, then puts it back in the fridge. She spins around looking for him, but he is gone. She heads to the end of the bar in search of this man she found most attractive; she does not see him. “Lo we need more ranch.” a customer calls. She turns the corner to the kitchen and there he is… Lost for words her mouth hangs slightly open.. She catches herself right as he turns to her. “J I need a ranch.” she belted out. “you should probably tell one of them.” he responds. Lo laughs and responds “I just did thank you.” Struck by his looks she couldn’t keep her eyes off him all night. The night progressed and she stalked the corners of the kitchen to keep eyes on him. She was feeling this fiery pull.

The night ended and he sat at her bar, ordered a bud and they conversed which for her was unusual. Lo was a shy wild beast in the best ways to put it, but shy with men for sure. She was one of the loveliest girls, beautiful, smart, and determined. Though shy she was confident. Her friend and her boyfriend came and joined S at the bar. In one sec they all decided they were going out.

The all head to their favorite bar taking the newbie with them. They grab a table and Lo goes off to say Hi to the other regulars. She can feel his eyes on her the whole time. Once back at the table Lo’s roommate leans over and says “he hasn’t taken his eyes off of you.” Lo laughed for sure already knew it.

The bar closes and they had to the coworkers house. As they smoke and drink lo and S slowly get closer and closer to each other. One hour later they arrive at her house. He touches her softly wanting her to move close to him. She’s trying to fight the lustful hunger she has. She should be a good girl, she know this, but once he pressed his lips to hers she surrendered. There was fire in his lips , hot like the sun she wanted more. they were going back and forth one on top of the other. finally he released his pants sliding them down quickly.

Lo was impressed; to her he was the God the Goddess was looking for. A second later Lo swallowed him whole, both released a gasp of ecstasy. For Lo it had been too long. The night progressed the sex was out of this world. He used his knowledge of her yoga folded and bended her. You could hear her soft giggles from time to time, they were signs of excitement. Never had anyone played with her the way he did and after that he was gone.

The state she was left in was high, wanting more, but she figured this one a one night stand, but little did she know this was going to become so much more.

Published by Lo Cal IG Lo_Cal_710