The sun prepares to sink in the west and the sky is a haze of red and orange. The placid sea spreads its silver gray mantle towards the horizon. At a distance, engines start whirring, creating bubbles as it launched the wooden vessel on the surface of the water. Little waves come trailing behind as the machinery pushes the floating vehicle far away from the shore. The serenity is now replaced by the noise of man made waves rolling on the mantle of the sea and breaking only when they reach its hem. The shadowy figures in the wooden vessel loom over the creatures beneath. Their eyes under their grayish brows shout hope, determination, perseverance, and wisdom. Their limbs framed by strength sway as the little waves try to rock their boats from side to side. The sinking sun watches the man as he holds up the lamp. The other casts the net to the water. The third controls the engine and the whole boat. It is Cooperation that stood in the middle of the vessel. As the sun hid itself below the horizon, Time appears and shouts to the men. The Lamp Holder walks to the Caster. He hangs the lamp on a crooked nail of a little pole in their vessel. He helps the Caster pull the net into the boat. The silver skinned creatures with tails of gray jump or wriggle in confusion as they find themselves stuck at the many eyes of the net. It is hopeless for them to escape so they turn their eyes to the night sky and mumble silent prayers to their Creator. They saw a falling star crossing the sky. The third laughs as he sees the bounty caught in their nets. The others joined him. They sing their merriest song as they paddle and follow the stars on their way home. It is indeed a great night. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. :) ----------------------------------------------------------------

Published by Kiez Torrevillas