In the old days, things were a lot gloomier than today. My family and I used to live in an apt. block when I was about twelve years old.

My father was an honest but strict man, he was obsessed with the idea to prepare up us for the challenges of life.

When I felt lonely or misunderstood, the forest was there for me. It was a peaceful place were the problems (or so i thought) were far away.

I often came to the forest.

I didn’t like school either, i thought of it more as a mind prison than a place to learn about things.

*back to the forest*

I could sit here for ages, thinking about the world and just listening to the whispers of the wind and wisdom of the trees.

Among the people, I never really felt at home. They had no respect. The rich took advantage of the poor. Their lies kept them locked away.

Every time I walked the streets of that horrid town I had the urgency to return to the forest. At least there, there was no problems.

All of a sudden everything changed, I had ignored these problems for far too long… now they were here to seize me.

I suddenly became interested in things I had been indifferent to before…


“Regain your individually now”

And that’s exactly was I fought to do. (broke the mind prisons)

Of course they eventually caught me.

I tried to explain why I had to destroy them..but they just wouldn’t listen.

They had locked me away for good…

Never to see the Forest again.

*If you made it to the end of this short story, CONGRATULATIONS! I wrote it whilst in Art class my Senior Year of High School. Its actually meant to be a comic book, but it never turned out. As for the photo I took that whilst camping last year. Cheers!*


Published by Franki Osegueda