"Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

​The crimes that eliminate the light of life are unforgivable, acts wrapped in the greatest darkness that will ever be known to man. The acts of injustice hurt, destroy light in all of its forms, without the tiniest bit of mercy. One such act is the practice of human trafficking, modern day slavery that forces tortured souls into the deepest darkness imaginable. It is an act that brings about nothing but pain and sadness, erasing all light before it even has a chance to bloom. It tears apart the minds, bodies and spirits of its captives, leaving them no room for hope.

​To deepen the wounds of human trafficking, certain victims are often bypassed. Ignored, because acknowledging them would mean acknowledging the existence of something unholy. Sickening. Twisted. That is the perspective many take, along with how men are supposed to be 'manly'. Men are to exist without emotion, so why bother recognizing the male 'victims' when they aren't even supposed to exist? To far too many parts of the world, acknowledging the male victims of human trafficking would mean validating male weakness, and validating homosexuality, which far too many people sadly deem an unholy crime.

​Young women are highlighted as the victims of this disgusting practice, but men are often left out, if they're even acknowledged at all. By leaving them deeper in the darkness, young men and even grown men are left helpless, sad, broken without the help they need to heal.

Not to invalidate the suffering of young women, as this is a crime that should not exist. Only one of many crimes that should be erased off the face of existence.

​Men deserve the same glowing, warm healing power women can find. Whatever darkness they're forced to endure, men and women deserve glowing, warm light, light that can heal all, end all pain, restore hope.

Published by Courtney Warren