The Fosters brought another okay episode mainly because the plots were a bit anticlimactic. Lena and Stef were hilarious in this episode even thought they're burdened with the fact that they're losing the house. I mean, seriously, Lena at the robotics competition was giving me flashbacks to my mom when I was in high school. Speaking of the house, Callie and AJ get caught by the realtor, and it makes for such a funny moment. Callie and AJ were just so cute in this episode because they're mad playful in each of their interactions.

Jesus and Emma were equally matching their cuteness as they're back together with pecks here and there in the episode. However, despite Jesus humorously being with the "Bitches Get Things Done" crew, the episode focuses on Mariana. While she's clearly still taking Jesus's medication, she does manage to become a team player by the end.

Despite being hyped and threatening in the episode, she manages to make the episode more exciting when she strikes a deal with the other all girl's team. Mariana proves she's a girl boss once again as she messes with the other team's heads. She tells them their head does work in an attempt to make them believe they're just bluffing. And it's so damn clever as it does indeed work! Once again, Mariana is a queen, but she's lucky to have the team keeping her in check as she continues to be on edge even after the event.

Regarding Callie's real plot, she completely disobeys Stef and goes to find more information. Throughout the episode, we hear Calloe echo this thought that she's toxic because of her choices. However, Aaron (looking noticeably more cuter) puts her in her place and tells her that bad choices don't make a bad person, and this leads Callie to drive off leaving Stef to find more information. Meanwhile, Stef kills it as her usual cop self, and does seem to find a lead to help Kyle's case.

Finally, we saw Brandon being Brandon as he admits that he took on too much with Mason leading to his unprepared audition. Stef has some great moments with Brandon tonight as she tells him not to sacrifice his dreams for a girl. And next week, we might see some perspective when we see a seemingly normal girl bring Brandon back to his teenage self. 

Overall, I'm giving this episode a C because we got the same old same old with Callie and Brandon's plot. Brandon continues to struggle with his new life, and Callie continues to be Super Callie. It wasn't until the end that we got some revelations. Also, I missed Jude. We need more Jude. Stay tuned for next week!

Published by Kavita Singh