In the book of revelation, the bible describes the breaking of seals and release of four horsemen into the world to unleash a sequence of events marking the end of time. These horsemen are referred to as the four horsemen of the apocalypse; War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Each horseman is sat on a different horse, armed with different gear symbolizing its mission: a white horse, crown and bow for pestilence, a red horse, a great sword and power for war, a  black horse, and a pair of balances for famine, a pale horse, sword and power to destroy humanity through any medium for death. Keeping the above description in view, have you ever imagined any of the horsemen being a woman?

It won’t be Famine: contrary to mainstream propaganda of size zero women and slim fit statures, women love food. We love growing it, harvesting it, creating mouth watering magic with it, savoring it and finding comfort in it. Imagine a world devoid of ice-cream, cakes, chocolate, a warm bowl of soup after a huge fight/break up with your significant other. No food means no lovely date nights, romantic gestures such as home cooked meal served by your dashing date. You get the gist, women won’t be ending the world via food crisis any time soon.

How about pestilence:  What? pesti..who?  By its very definition pestilence won’t work for a woman. Pestilence: a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating (merriam-webster). She might wish it on her rivals, business rivals, beauty rivals, school rivals, e.t.c. But on all humanity, NO. She needs someone to talk to, play with, learn from, gossip with, someone to thump her nose up at, someone to fight with and someone to fight over. So NO pestilence is not her style

Now death is rather gruesome and last I checked women prefer to birth things not end them. Birth of a baby, a relationship, a career e.t.c. By nature’s design we love to nurture things, we have the staying power to imagine and hope things will get better, hence we often find ourselves in situations that should have ended before they even started. And as stated in the above paragraph we won’t kill everyone ‘cos that just leaves us in a boring lonely vacuum.

WAR on the other hand, now that sounds more like us. We do not crave heedless blood shed or death, but we are skilled at engineering chaos, a sturdy foundation for a good brawl and with the right artillery a great war. We do not take kindly to insubordination of any sort. When we say go left, you go left, if we are right then you're wrong no questions asked. If you don’t know the right answer to the question don’t speak, if you must speak heed cautiously to the positive side. Do ensure that you don’t say, think, or do anything wrong when we are hormonal or else THERE WILL BE  BLOOD AND IT WON’T BE OURS.

So you see its quite simple really, the horseman representing war could be female for by her very nature she is feisty, a mystique weaver of webs tighter than Eve in the garden.


Published by Chioma Nwafor