Do you believe in the past life, along with the idea that our souls can reincarnate into the physical transcendence of today’s lifetime after having been connected ages ago, perhaps in a different country and even centuries apart? It’s a mystical thought, very difficult to put to words and nothing like the basic feeling of excitement for discovering that your favorite 1.74 high index lenses are on sale or that the underground pool you’ve been lusting overcomes in a bright new design. No, it’s nothing like a fleeting moment of exaltation for those shopaholics and sneaker duds out there. It’s more important than 1.74 high index lenses or than the car you drive, it’s about unworldly human connection.

What do we mean by human connection? There are four specific soulmate types you can fall into, and within these four means, you will understand the deep trenches of connection you may have with your friends or lover.

Twinning in the soul, not the clothes
The first one is inevitably a twin soul, and this doesn’t need to be a result of physical variances. These are the two best friends who can talk and talk for hours without getting out of breath and dwindling their thumbs about what else they need to talk about. They can know instantly what the other person is thinking, something leading them to finish each other’s sentences, and hating it when the other person needs to leave your home to go on with their day. These twins don’t always dress the same sunglasses in 1.74 high index lenses or high-top sneakers. They’re bound by strings of the heart.

Karma for two

Then there’s the infamous karmic connection, where a relationship in one or several past lives guides the two back together. The ego is at play here as pain can be relished through understanding that overcoming suffering and letting go of negativity is the best means to nurture this relationship.

Friends from another life

These are the relationships that allow us to feel like we are in a judgment-free zone where we can be our complete and total selves. We can be carefree, sing from the top of our lungs or cry when the tears can no longer stay inside. Friends or relationships from a past-life teach us a lot about ourselves as acceptance riddles the spunky deep connection the two of you share.

The Healer’s magic hand

Ever met someone for a limited amount of time in which they came as quickly as they left—only always seemingly leaving you with a mark that you have brought forward during the rest of your life? These are the healer relationships that will show up when you are dealing with a repetitive habit that needs to be broken. If you are going through tough moments in your life and serendipitously met a best friend during these times, then you have been shown that the relationship may not be a long-term stable type. Work through your ups and downs to find solid ground between the two purposes you hold.

Published by Zachary McGavin