The Frickin "F" Word....

I am showing my age possibly but I do wonder why the "f" word  is used so  much by middle aged women and men, but women especially.

I grew up on a farm and swearing was common over in the wool shed and out mustering. My father swore at the dogs, he swore at the sky, he swore at anything out on the farm. But not once did I ever hear him swear in the home. My mother told us one must never swear in the house, and we didn't. She said the only place for swearing was outside. I can count in double figures how often I've used the " f " word in my life, possibly single figures actually!!  So why has this word become so common place as a way to express ones annoyance?  Is it ignorance? is it shock tactics?, is it insulting? is it anger? is it thoughtless? is it powerful? is it grown up? is it childlike?  You tell me... I'd love to hear from you why you choose the " f " word over words like dam, bother, ouch, bugger, blast, yikes, hell, oh no!, get lost etc.

So I did a little  research...

The Oxford English Dictionary has recognized “f..k” as an acceptable word since 1972. That surprised me.


Search Amazon and it shows up in 25,016 song titles, including 1,703 new releases.

Once upon a time, the English population was decimated by the plague. The King was so concerned about the shrinking number of his subjects that he ordered his people to reproduce. His proclamation, "Fornicate Under Command of the King" - "F.U.C.K" for short--was the source of our favorite swear word. That isn't actually true either, but it's as good as any source of the word, most date back to monks actually!

On a lighter note these are the 10 times it was OK to use the f word!! Smile, I did.

f 1 (1)


On a lighter note these are the 10 times it was OK to use the f word!!

Smile - I did.


1. "What the $%&* was that?" Mayor of Hiroshima


2. "Where did all those %$&*ing Indians come from?" Custer, 1877


3. "Any $%&*ing idiot could understand that"...Einstein, 1938


4. "It does so $%&* look like her!" Picasso, 1926


5. "How the $%&* did you work that out?" Pythagoras, 126 B.C.


6. "You want WHAT on the $%&*ing ceiling?" Michelangelo, 1566


7. "Where the $%&* are we?" Amelia Earhart, 1937


8. "Scattered $%&*ing showers my arse! Noah, 4314 B.C.


9. "Aw c'mon. Who the #$%& is going to find out? Bill Clinton, 1999

And so I guess I have to get used to this word in daily conversations whether I like it or not.. This story by a mother probably sums it up...  but I'd be much happier if she chilled out and was sent to her room to calm down... that's the Mother I'm talking about!

Finally "Whenever you open your mouth, you show your intelligence. If you do not know how to articulate without using swear words, then it is a reflection on you."

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Published by Lynn Clayton