Marketplaces have traditionally been seen as the realm of the second-hand seller, purveyors of all thing’s nearly new or “vintage” clothing dealers. Thanks to the rise of the app, this is no longer the case. Entire businesses now exist solely within the domain of the marketplace (often specifically the marketplace app), with absolutely no need for a physical presence beyond a desk to perch a laptop or a hand to hold a phone.

For business logo design, Repeat Logo is one business that mainly utilising the app Fiverr to conduct business. While Repeat Logo aren’t solely Fiverr based, they do attract a large amount of work through the app. Their success with clients has already led them to be ranked one of the top professional logo design companies on the app.

How Does It Work?

There are many types of companies, agencies and businesses selling services and products on Fiverr, but the process for getting to that stage is the same for every single one.

Register as A Buyer

Registering as a buyer is simple and easy. You can sell anything at all on Fiverr – as long as it is legal and complies with their guidelines – so there are no limiting constrictions on how to go about selling. Currently there are around 100 guideline categories to help you get started. Attach information about your company, such as specialist skills or languages spoken, to give potential customers more information to make a decision with.

Create a “Gig”

After registering your business, you can create a job, known as a “gig” on the app. These jobs are template packages that can be viewed by customers searching for the relevant area. Each package has a basic brief detailing what product or service you are selling. You can then add additional sub-gigs to each parent gig. To use the example of logo design, the basic package could be the creation of a single logo concept. A sub-gig could then add an extra 2 concepts, or a set number of revisions once the preferred concept has been chosen.

The joy of the sub-gig is that it allows customisation of a package for buyers, and upselling opportunities for a seller. It also allows for businesses to provide something alternative or unique, aiding them in standing out from the crowd. Things to consider at this stage are pricing, delivery time, amount of products delivered, potential revisions and bulk discounts. These will vary wildly depending on what you are selling.

Deliver Your Gig

Upon purchasing a gig, a customer (should) supply a brief relevant to the product or service. Private messaging is also available for clarification between buyer and seller. Good communication and attention to the brief are highly regarded and will push up a buyer’s feedback rating for your business, something that should be kept in mind at all times.

Receive Payment and Feedback

All marketplaces rely heavily on buyer feedback, and Fiverr is no different. Upon the completion date of the gig, payment will automatically transfer from the buyers account to your own unless otherwise specified. Fiverr take a 20% cut of all payments, so keep this is mind when creating your price for a gig.

Maintaining a high rating for your business is also key to keeping the gigs rolling in, so be courteous, polite, and also gently try to push customers towards the highest possible rating; your hard work and time should not be going to waste. 

Looking Forward for Professional Logo Design

Repeat Logo have already been trading on Fiverr for several months now with great success. Between the app, their online website, and word of mouth, Repeat Logo have found a balanced platform from which to provide their services. Having already been featured as a start-up to watch out for by reputable sources such as The Guardian and The London Economic, aspiring entrepreneurs should take inspiration from their strategies and look at marketplaces as an essential means to launching a new business.

Published by Tom Wishart