What is, could and should be coming to TV and theatres!

As you may have heard, the CW is looking for yet another DC superhero series.  It doesn’t seem like this should be a priority, though it may be time for the original show, Arrow, to take its final bow.  Anyway, next up is Batwoman, and they have selected Ruby Rose to play her.  Sadly, the story has now shifted from the possibilities of the new show to the fact that Rose has deleted her social media accounts after being attacked by “Fans”. 

There are other superhero projects in the works as well.  That hashtag show revealed that ABC is reportedly developing a new Marvel show, one that will hopefully fare better than Inhumans.  Meanwhile, the site also released the breakdown for the lead character in the upcoming Stargirl series.

Kathryn Newton was set to be one of the leads in the Supernatural spinoff Wayward Sisters, which of course didn’t make the cut at the CW.  But she appears to have landed on her feet according to Deadline, which reports she will instead be a lead in the Netflix YA survival show that finds a group of teenagers trapped in what appears to be their hometown, albeit with no sign of adults, or any way to escape.    The article initially says her character will be the leader of the group, but then says she will be encouraging her sister to step up and take on the leadership role.

I09 suggests some ideas for new Star Trek series!  They start with the idea of a series focusing on a new alien species, experiencing first contact with the Federation.  An interesting idea, and then move to suggesting a show about the Federation, but not Starfleet, just exploring the other ways people live in that future utopia.  Another idea is to focus the series on junior crew members, who are just trying to settle into their new careers, as well as a show focusing on security officers (aka a crime procedural).  No mention of a Starfleet Academy show, which is one that actually seems to be in the works.

The site also takes a look at planned adaptations of the works of the late Ursula K Le Guin.  We have the clone story Nine Lives, fantasy series Earthsea, and a troy about a man trying to bring a planet into a Confederation (not the Federation), The Left Hand of Darkness. 

Meanwhile, The Fandom announces a director has been signed on to adapt Hush, Hush, a project that seemed dead in the water.  So you might want to check out the 2010 book before a movie gets made.  Or, if you put stock in this review from A Reader of Fictions, you might want to stay away!  Personally, I tend to agree with pretty much all of the review, with the possible exception of saying that the words of the idiot teacher could program readers.

Finally, Looper looks at anticipated 2019 movies, starting with the Hellboy reboot.  The list also includes a few other comic book flicks, as well as the second part of It.

Published by Andrew Clendening