What is today without the memoirs of past?
It would neither exist, nor could we make it last.
So, the future is a mystique land not too far.
A little bit of anticipation, gazing upon the stars.

None may foresee what the future holds;
A well-kept mystery that time unfolds.
Then why be perplexed of notions told?
Have trust in flow of things of the world.

But Sigh! The concept of future scares,
Anyone with a dream that dares, falter away
from the designated path which society lay.
A written manuscript which one must obey.

Why must we shun the ideas of new?
The dreaded path taken only by a few!
This untraveled road may be your legacy,
Thought of a fretful future may obstruct this view.

If we claim yesterday the history and today a gift
and tomorrow a mystery towards which we drift.
Shouldn’t tomorrow be portrayed as a hero, whose
song we sing and in his parade the victory bells ring!

Only time can tell what the future keeps
far from the reach of the mortal’s grips.
So, fret not for things that remain unseen,
Don’t lose track of today, don’t be too keen.

Do your best to fulfill the chores of today,
And meet future boldly across the bay.
For none may foresee what the future holds;
A well-kept mystery that time unfolds.

© 2015 Rupanjal Patowary


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Published by Rupanjal Patowary