Life is a game. Not like Monopoly, Risk, or Chess.

In those games the rules have already been written by the game maker and once other players join the game they are there until the end. There is a winner and there are losers.

In life, though the game is much more stacked in our favour than we realise or in fact choose to admit. There is only one winner, us.

Our life is our game and not only do we decide the rules, as it is our life, we can also choose the other players and how long they are in our game. Now initially some players join in without our permission, but then it is our choice whether they stay in our game or not.

We write the rules in our game. We are the game makers.

We can not control what the other players do but we control whether or not they stay in our game.

So when we moan about a bad hand in cards or landing on the wrong property in Monopoly and so on, well sometimes that is our lot and we have to play with it, but in the game that is our life, if we don’t like the cards dealt or the space we landed on, we can throw them away and get some more dealt, we can move to another space whenever we like.

The point is it is our game, our rules and we choose the players.

Therefore there is no good or bad luck, just a series of choices that we and we alone are accountable for.

Get on and play the game, it’s completely loaded in your favour.

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Published by Philip Dodson