I wish I could say that my "scone success" was instantaneous, but not so much. My first attempt was actually  a "Pinterest Fail".  Not in the visually horrifying way you would expect. Outwardly they appeared to resemble fresh baked scones.  They smelled like fresh baked scones. They tasted, well, undercooked.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning.   Never watch FoodNetwork or Cooking Channel when you are bored and hungry.  It leads to Pinterest. That's where the downward scone-spiral began.

It was a simple standard scone recipe.  Nothing complicated.  Nothing. But this was my first time baking scones.  First time using the oven in the new apartment.  First time scratch-baking for the hubby.  There was pressure. They needed to be perfect.  So of course  25 minutes later, then 30 min, then 35 min, the middle refused to cook.  Sigh. At least the ridiculously hot kitchen smelled good.

I  lamented my loss of warm, melty, chocolate chip goodness. I sadly obsessed over where the recipe went wrong.  Then I realized it was me, who went wrong.

Error 1: The dough may have been a touch too moist.  Never dump in the full amount of liquid.  Do it in small quantities.

Error 2: Press the dough down evenly in the pan.  It needs to be level.   My middle was a bit thick.

Error 3: I followed the recipe and did not separate the pieces after cutting. I may have been able to save the scones if I had ignored that bit of instruction.

That was Saturday.  Last night, with the stubbornness and determination of my Scottish-American blood, I pulled the cookbook I got as a shower gift off the shelf (Betty Crocker Cookbook Newlywed Edition), and set to scone making once again.   I read the recipe 2 times before setting up.

I read it each time I had to get an ingredient so as to not screw it up this time.  So naturally I screwed it up anyway.

Screw up 1- I forgot to buy vanilla.

Screw up 2- I dumped the egg in without beating it.

So at this point I decided to say screw it, and winged the rest of it.

I substituted a pinch-ish of cinnamon.  I know, I know, unmeasured ground cinnamon can be a dangerous move.  But I figured I already screwed up the recipe, so why not? (I'm not skilled enough to have come up with that on my own, I remembered the other recipe used it lol)  I dumped in double the required mini chips. (opened bags of mini chips in my fridge are dangerous to my waistline)

Learning from my past mistakes:

  • I poured my liquids in in small quantities.
  • I obsessively leveled the dough in the pan.
  • I separated the scones on the tray before baking.

Out of paranoia I added 5 extra min to bake time, and left them in the oven while it cooled down for 5 more minutes.

HALLELUJIAH! Golden-Brown-COOKED-all-the-way-through-Goodness! Score!  Too bad the recipe only makes eight.  Eight is not enough.

Source: Betty Crocker Classic Scone Recipe. 
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