This is a follow-up to a short blog post I wrote several weeks ago before last night's election which I have to say was truly a nail biter for both sides!


Nonetheless, ever since it became known to me that this could potentially be the generation that ends abortion I instantly tuned in to something that in previous years had never really grabbed my attention before until now - politics.


 But all that changed once Evangelical Christians began speaking to one another about voting party platform over personality and SCOTUS seats over our own personal standpoints.


Were you listening?


I was!


And believe it or not millions of others heard the call as well ringing loudly in their ears like a trumpet blast sending troops off to war.


Things started to become surreal to me by that point as I heard at the beginning of the third and final presidential debate Donald Trump unabashedly voice his stance on the hot-button issue of abortion. And after being pressed several times by the night's moderator, Mr. Trump disclosed, in more or less terms, the inevitable undoing of Roe V. Wade.


Whoa! I couldn't believe what I had just heard!


Never before in the history of the United States has a presidential candidate made such a bold claim in support of the pro-life movement. Such a thing was unheard of and under normal circumstances would have terminated any candidate's chances of ever being elected! But then again this wasn't no ordinary election.


I sat back in wonder as I then pondered to myself: "Could this be the generation that ends abortion?"


I have to admit I had my doubts. With many professing Christians claiming to be pro-life who couldn't bear the thought of ever voting for someone like Donald Trump I began to think if we, the church, would ever have the guts to finally put our money where our collective mouths were and put an end to this intrinsic evil.


My doubt soon led me to my knees in prayer before God on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Christ because I feared that despite over four solid decades of marching around our nation’s capital, and countless protests outside abortion mills, to include dozens of organizations dedicating countless hours and resources to end the killing of the unborn in the womb, I was afraid that when the time came we might lack the intestinal fortitude to pull the trigger and vote.


But America proved me wrong. And like a scrappy young shepherd boy from Israel the American voter rallied as one in the strength of Almighty God and on behalf of the unborn took down that egregious Goliath known as abortion armed with little more than a voice and a vote.


Consequently, while the largest supplier of abortion on demand stands back and licks its proverbial wounds something tells me this fight ain't over yet.


Still, in the aftermath of last night's dramatic upset an exasperated cry bellows from the bowels of its lair in which this wounded beast growls to its cubs "Fight like Hell!"


And so, as one side calls for the hellish brawl over the souls of the unborn I call to the collective church, the true champion for change, to take up her armor and draw sword against the powers of this dark world (Eph. 6:12), to fight the good fight of the faith, and as my old Pastor used to say "give 'em Heaven" in return!


Run to win,


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Published by Dennis Miranda