It’s blue, and it’s bittersweet


How time stole the love of you and me
We made a promise we couldn’t keep
We took a vow to stay as one
And yet the twisted melody of life tolled before a natural end


And yet, I am still here
Now and forever, I walk by your side
God, I’d steal the fires from the underworld
Just to see you smile again


So say what’s on your mind
Let me know what’s bothering you
And let’s make another memory, you and I


It is so hard to think what once was
Now all I see is stars over the Earth’s canvas
And it is so beautiful up here, and yet so lonely
Cause you are not around to share the sight


I see life is not what it used to be
Since the ghost of time stole my breath
But baby, it’s OK
Cause I am here, by your side, every night


I hold your hand as you sleep
And touch your hair when you turn where I used to lay
I see the glint of tears in the mirror of your soul
I see how the emotion of a broken promise tears our world


But just breathe, breathe your love for me
You can’t see me now, but I see myself in your breath
All that was me is now a wraith cloaked in love
The spirit of me lives on, every day
Just a hazy shade of white braiding your essence


And I’m there when you wake
And I’m there when you sleep
I watch over you, now and always
Maybe an angel, maybe a wanderer forever lost in you


I touch your hand from the other side of the glass when you look out the window
A melancholic look in your eyes betrays the inner turmoil
And as the Autumn rains wash away a wasted summer,
I stand beside twilight, rising with the sun
And I drink moonlight, so I can shine for you at night
I swim around you when you bathe
Feeling what once was only mine


Yet, some day you will go
Some day there will be someone else on our bed
Some day, time will beat the odds of me


But baby, it’s OK
Just breathe, and when you do, I will find you
Here or in forever land
Just breathe my memory
And I will never die again

Published by Fernando Sanchez