The gift card said not what I meant –

Hard to emphasize

A child born this day in Lent –

Parents’ newborn alibi


What’s lost is handed back to he

Despair replaced with what amazes

Life events served up unknowingly

In many unknown places


What’s yet to come –

What’s been and gone –

What has one to look forward to?

What happened to that well-known smile?

Lost between the mazes


Come join us – bestow joy upon

A place of brevity, in essence

A place resolved to virtue

With he within her presence


I’ve seen illusion pass me by –

I’ve seen it gather dust

In times of yore, another world

Controlled what now, upon us,

Has been thrust


Yet have we seen the best of it?

In present time we travel

To see what lay before our eye

If not – untie, unstitch, unravel


Untangle me and shy away

To a place of enhanced thought

And build upon philosophy

Articulating what one ought to


In articulation, cry aloud;

Behold the joy of life –

Forget despair, illusion, brevity –

Bring child in, to a day,

Otherwise contrite


For to affect the life of one

Espouses trust in all

A life unchanged is a life untouched

Ne’er to run, e’er, always, to crawl


Ask is it the joy of many?

At what is our time better spent?

Parents share a newborn alibi –

Their child, born in Lent.

Published by Owen Tilley