She wrapped her hair in black cloth. A veil, she called it.

It hid her hair, her neck, only revealing her face.

She was dressed in modest, loose clothing. One that hid her physical features. To her, it was not for the world to enjoy. And the world has yet to know her true beauty.

To the world, it might seemed like a paradox but to her, covering herself liberated her.

She kept herself closed, covered and protected like a treasure chest where the key has yet to be found.

The way she carried herself reflected well of the upbringing that she received. One that was full of love, compassion and faith.

She smiled at the elderly, gave sweets to the children, helped the disabled and those in need. To those people that interacted with her, she was like an angel that had descended from the heavens.

However, her veil caused an uproar in the society she was living in. It was as if they hated her for covering herself, protecting herself. It was almost a nightmare.

However, despite all the negativity that was thrown at her, the name-calling, the abuse, she held true to her beliefs, she held tightly to the rope God had given her. She held on to her faith, strongly.

She knew that it was the right thing to do.

For her veil is her identity and nothing can force her to abandon it.

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Published by Mohamad Hakim